About OCS

Ordnance Cleaning Systems’ roots are based upon 29 years of high-level production in the defense industry. Ordnance Cleaning Systems (OCS) was founded as a division of Ordnance Technology Service Inc. (OTS), who has been identified as “a key component supplier to the torpedo industry.” OTS’ model of build to print tight tolerance work and competitive pricing was integral to OCS’ development.

As a result of OTS’ continued success, the company was approached by CLP in Sweden, with an offer to diversify their product line with a US manufactured bore cleaning system. CLP’s vibrating pneumatic bore brush (VPBB) holds a 15-year proven global record as a low cost, low man hour, gun cleaning solution.  A partnership between OTS and CLP paved the way for a system built to US Military standards and produced domestically.

CLP’s product and OTS’ production and defense marketing capability proved to be the effective combination for the formulation of Ordnance Cleaning Systems, LLC.  Through numerous demonstrations and discussions, customer satisfaction is high as the resulting product exceeds customer needs and expectations.

OTS took the opportunity and launched the new company OCS.

Ordnance Cleaning Systems, LLC was formed to leverage the gun cleaning technology initially developed by CLP Systems, AB in Sweden with the precision machining and fabrication capabilities available to OCS. Matching CLP’s technology with OCS’ unparalleled domestic supplier base has resulted in a high quality, state-of-the-art gun cleaning system that has no equal. The CLP based gun cleaning system is tried and true and has proven itself the world over. It is currently in use in over 30 countries.

Mission Statement

The primary objective of Ordnance Cleaning Systems is to provide a new innovative maintenance solution to the men and women of the armed forces, saving on man hours and utilization of personnel. Through use of local area vendors, Ordnance Cleaning Systems is able to provide a US manufactured product, built to the highest of quality standards.